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San Luis Central No. 1, built by Baldwin in 1913. SLC celebrates its centennial September 1. R&LHS Archives, Frank M. Swengel Collection

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Please send inquiries for copies of archival material to R&LHS Archives Services, P.O. Box 600544, Jacksonville, Florida 32260-0544. William F. Howes, Jr., coordinates the service; you also may send requests by email or call him at (904) 891-3540.

The portions of the collection most frequently used by authors and researchers--locomotive rosters and builder’s lists of locomotives--are located in Jacksonville, Florida, under the supervision of the Society's Southeast Chapter. It also has a very extensive collection of locomotive builder's photographs.

The bulk of the R&LHS archives collection is on deposit at the California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento. A major component in the holdings is a large collection of photographs, probably the largest general collection of photographs of American railroads in existence. The major part of this collection consists of photographs of locomotives. The holdings also include an extensive collection of timetables, both employee and public; railroad passes; and annual reports of railroad companies. A substantial collection of ephemera is sorted by railroad company. While the collection is nationwide in scope, it has a somewhat heavier emphasis, particularly for the oldest material, on New England and eastern railroads.

An index to the Employee Timetable holdings of the California State Railroad Museum and the R&LHS is available online.

Copies of articles from back issues of Society publications are available to members at 20 cents per page ($5.00 minimum) and to non-members at 30 cents per page ($5.00 minimum) from R&LHS Archives Services.