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Railroad History 164, cover shows GG1 No. 4937 at Ivy City in Washington, D.C., in 1958 by Robert C. Post.

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Railroad History 81, cover drawing by C. B. Medin depicts a Baldwin built 4-8-2 on the Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad.

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Railroad History 32, cover depicts the "Col. Hosley" on the Northern Railroad of New Hampshire in a work by Otto Kuhler. Kuhler is responsible for the R&LHS logo in use today.

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R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 1 (1921) through 13 (1927)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 14 (1927) through 27 (March 1932)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 28 (May 1932) through 40 (May 1936)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 40A (September 1936) through 50A (August 1939)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 51 (February 1940) through 63 (January 1944)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 64 (May 1944) through 75 (January 1949)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 76 (March 1949) through 87 (October 1952)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 88 (May 1953) through 99 (October 1958)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 100 (April 1959) through 112 (April 1965)
R&LHS Bulletin, Nos. 113 (Oct. 1965) through 126 (April 1972)
Railroad History, Nos. 127 (Oct. 1972) through 138 (Spring 1978)

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Spring 1979. "This issue is devoted to an all time steam and diesel roster for the Illinois Central Railroad." Illinois Central Predecessor Lines are listed first. Then 105 pages, with 52 photographs of: Locomotive Rosters, Illinois Central Railroad & Predecessor Lines. The Mississippi, A Southern Foundling (oldest surviving IC predecessor locomotive).

143 $7.50

Autumn 1980. The Great Northern Railway Company: Predecessors and Fully-Controlled Subsidiaries. The Great Northern Railway Company: All-Time Locomotive Roster, 1861-1970. Both articles by Kenneth R, Middleton and Norman C. Keyes, Jr. This single-subject issue has 143 pages and 120 photographs devoted to GN locomotives.

145 $7.50

Autumn 1981. Guest Editorial: New Steam in the 1980s? The Ogdensburgh Connection: A Failed Dream in Northern New York. The Lightweight Passenger Car with Special Reference to Pullman. "The Generals Up in Wall Street" Ray Stannard Baker and the Railroads. Closing the Gap: The Coast Line and its Bridges in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The Illinois Terminal: Corporate Structure and Steam Power.

146 $7.50

Spring 1982. A.B. Stickney and James J. Hill: The Railroad Relationship. Genesis of a Miller's Road: The Minneapolis, St.Paul & Sault Ste. Marie. Westward from Denver: The Obsession of David Moffat. The Greenback Raid (a U.S. Civil War story). Ticket to Promontory. Steel Ropes into the Howling Wilderness: First Cable Cars in Los Angeles. The Fitchburg Railroad: A Corporate Genealogy and Locomotive Roster.

147 $7.50

Autumn 1982. RRH Awards. The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada: An Overview. The Grand Trunk Railway: A Look at the Principal Components. The Grand trunk Railway: Motive Power Acquisitions. Locomotive Rosters of the Grand Trunk Railway and Grand Trunk Pacific.

148 $7.50

Spring 1983. Profile on Fred A. Stindt.The Invention of Railroad Time. The Grand Narrow Gauge Trunk (Ohio to Mexico). Chinese Construction Workers on the Canadian Pacific. The Impact of the Great Northern Railway on Settlement in Montana, 1880-1920. The Flying Yankee (B&M and MEC). Some Snapshots from Siberia. A Tug-of-War on the Santa Maria Valley. The Clinchfield Railroad: A Brief Operating History and Steam Locomotive Roster.

150 $7.50

Spring 1984. Profile on H. Arnold Wilder. Guest Editorial: Basic Conservation for Historic Documentary Material. One the Greatest of Builders: The Norris Locomotive Works. William Montgomery's Nova Scotia Iron Works. American Railroaders in Siberia, 1917-1920. The Norris Construction Record (30 pages).

152 $7.50

Spring 1985. Draughting the Steam Locomotive. The Steam Engine In Prints and Photographs. Downeast Pioneer: The Bangor & Piscataquis Canal & Rail-Road Company. The Maine Central Railroad: Predecessor Lines. A Brief History of the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad with All-Time Locomotive Roster. How a New Haven I-4 Pacific Became One of a Kind. To Santa Cruz on Southern Pacific's Sun-Tan Special.

153 $7.50

Autumn 1985. RRH Awards. On the Mark: The History and Symbolism of Railroad Emblems. To "Jettison Conventions and Taboos of Railroading": The Cotton Belt's BLUE STREAK. Raub's Central Power: The Little Engine that Couldn't.

155 $7.50

Autumn 1986. RRH Awards. Profile on Arthur Detmers Dubin. Railroads, Good Roads and Motor Vehicles: Managing Technological Change. The Western Maryland: A Corporate History (22 pages). Steam Locomotives of the Western Maryland.

156 $7.50

Spring 1987. Guest Editorial: New Steam in the 1980s --- What Happened? "A Man of Large Experience": Edwin Noyes and Railroad Development in Maine. "A Thorough Man of Business": Daniel C. Gunn, Pioneer Canadian Locomotive Builder. Locomotives of the Alton Route.

159 $7.50

Autumn 1988. R&LHS Awards. Guest Editorial: The History of Great Northern History. Running On Time. The Illinois Central and the Growth of Illinois and Chicago in the 1850's. Locomotives of the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern.

162 $7.50

Spring 1990. Railway Technology, the Canadian Northwest, and the Continental Economy. Spunky Little Devils: Locomotives of the New York Elevated. Railway Stations in New Zealand: A Case of Architectural Lag. Replacement of Technology: The Diesel as a Case Study.

164 $7.50

Spring 1991. A Southern RR at War: The North Carolina Railroad and the Confederacy; Pennsylvania Railroad's Motive Power Strategies (1920-1950); Dissolution of the UP/SP merger (1912); Running a Locomotive in 1856; Johnson Company's Street Railway Rail.


RAILROAD HISTORY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, 150 Years of North American Railroading. This book, slightly larger than the new sized RRH, contains 92 B&W photographs and 82 pages, including a bibliography and an index. Published in 1996 to celebrate the R&LHS's 75th anniversary and the 150th of the first locomotive pictured, which is "The Lion" built in 1846. Equal space for carefully written text and well-reproduced photographs is this book's major accomplishment in an attempt to cover so much territory and time. Chapters are: Steam Locomotives; Diesel Locomotives; Electric and Other Motive Power; Passenger Cars & Trains; Freight Cars & Trains; Structures.

174 $7.50

Spring 1996. Ore Docks and Trains: Great Northern Railway and the Mesabi Range. Country Carrier of the Poconos: The Delaware Valley Railroad. Lebanon-Thorntown (Indiana) Traction Co.: The Biography of an Anomaly in "Interurbanland". Railroad Redundant: The Fort Smith & Western Railway (26 pages including a map, 17 photographs and a locomotive roster).

180 $7.50

Spring 1999. Railroads Shipped by Sea (to California): Engineering Success and Disaster: American Railroad Bridges 1840-1900; The South Works (a Chicago steel-making plant) Narrow-Gauge Railroad; The North Western's Legacy (C&NW); Locomotives of the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway.

182 $7.50

Spring 2000. A Horation Alger Story: Henry U. Mudge (Rock Island President); Design-It-Yourself Locomotive - the 4-8-4 (why 63 "models" of the same wheel arrangement?) by Robert A. LeMassena; The Railroad Pass: Perk or Plunder? by John H. White,Jr; "GNMZ" -- Good Night, Madison (Of telegraphs and bull elephants and heaven on earth) reminiscences by James L. Larson.

192 $12.50

Spring-Summer 2005 (first larger edition) Railroad Rx: Wabash's Company Hospital System; Dark Genius: The Story of railroad publisher and writer Zerah Colburn; Baltimore's Belt: All about the railroad.... that proved the practicality of main-line electric traction; Fish Cars; Picturing the Railway: How woodcuts, engravings, lithographs, and printers' trains spread the image of early railways to the masses; Salvaging the Pennsylvania Railroad's massive records.

193 $12.50

Crescent City Bound is New Orleans RR History. Mixed Legacy is the award winning story of the man who made the railfan respectable: Lucius Beebe. Bill Middleton explains in From Russia With Love why those Chinese steam locomotives look so familiar. Steam in Indian Summer finds a retired rail enjoying the world's final main line steam action in Inner Mongolia. Fighting Cars with Buses tells how SP&S made out with this strategy on its Portland-Pacific Coast Line. Picturing the Railway shows how 19th century loco builders used art to sell their machines. Obit: Jim Bistline

197 $12.50

Single subject issue: A Short History of American Locomotive Builders in the Steam Era by John H. White, Jr., with 108 pages, profusely illustrated with drawings and photographs, many in color. Chapters are: Introduction, The American Locomotive Industry, A History of the Individual Firms, Men Behind the Machines, The Whyte System, American Locomotive Builders, Daily News, A Survivors' Gallery, and an Index. A ready USA steam reference book for the ages. Regular features bring this book up to 128 pages, plus the colorful wraps.

201 $12.50

Fall-Winter 2009. Poughkeepsie Bridge; "Not at all proper for women:" Black Female Railroaders; Artist of the Rail: Jack Delano (photography); Hunting Buffalo from the Train (Kansas Pacific Ry); A Golden Anniversary: Colorado RR Museum; The travels of the 4-2-0 Locomotive William Penn (1835-1897(?); The truth behind the Pride of Newcastle. 19 pages of book reviews. Obits:H.Arnold Wilder, Harold H. Carstens.

202 $12.50

Spring-Summer 2010. As Delicate as Air: Winston Link's sound-recording sessions; Production and Promotion: USA locomotive ads during WW2; The "Ikey": The troubled Iowa & Southwestern RR; George Dunn's Dream: Building the Lawrenceburg & Upper Mississippi RR; Railways Along the Nile: Railway development in Egypt 1854-1879; Dissecting the Indicator Card: The mechanical devices and math formulas that took the steam locomotive's pulse.

203 $12.50

Robert W. Downing: Remembering a remarkable railroad manager. Toronto's Victorian Stations. Station Salvation: Differing roads to rehabilitation of a trio of Amtrak stations. Railroad Signal Innovator: A profile of William Robinson, inventor of the closed electric track circuit. Telephone Train Order Signals: How railroads moved toward traffic control by signal indication alone. Changing of the Guard: Recent interlocking tower closures in Illinois and West Virginia mark the end of the "Armstrong' era. To the Rooftop of the World: A memorable trip over China's Qinghai-Tibet railway. Obits: Bill Purdie, Donald Duke.

210 $12.50

This is Railroad History’s summer vacation issue. We take you to Maine with Thornton Waite’s comprehensive history of the Bar Harbor Express. Smithsonian curator emeritus John H. White, Jr., recounts the story of three Maryland mountain retreats owned by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. John Gruber looks at William Henry Jackson’s work for railroad clients--much of which was used to promote rail travel to scenic destinations. Elsewhere, Scott Lothes of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art previews a new exhibition at the Chicago History Museum, focusing on the human side of photographer Jack Delano’s World War II-era work for the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information. For readers with an interest in motive power, Joe Strapac profiles the Harriman 2-8-0s, and Stan Rhine explores the origins of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad’s beloved Galloping Geese.

216 $12.50

“Now what, and who’s going to pay for this?” This is the full story of the wreck of The Federal, NH/PRR train #173, at Washington, D.C., Union Station on January 15, 1953, Nick Fry and Ron Goldfeder; Tragedy on the Hogback, Unraveling the story of a 1919 boiler explosion on the B&LE, James McCommons; Railroad violence during the Mexican Revolution Conflict and the struggle for workers’ control, 1910-1921, Jeffrey Bortz and Marcos Aguila; Gordon S. Crowell, at 90, a photographer looks back on his wide-ranging portfolio. John Gruber.

218 ASK

Inside EMD, Part 1: How the “Home of the Diesel Locomotive” fabricated its prime movers. Preston Cook Ford’s Railroad at The Rouge: A look at what was once one of the world’s biggest industrial railroads. David R.P. Guay Mississippi: A significant early American steam locomotive, hiding in plain sight. Pete Claussen Bury’s First Sixteen: Untangling the complicated histories of some early imported locomotives. Pete Claussen The Daniel Nason: America’s sole surviving inside-connected steam locomotive. Ron Goldfeder Cover: Partially complete fabricated diesel-engine crankcases surround two technicians on the floor of Electro-Motive Division Plant One at La Grange, Ill. Preston Cook Collection

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