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Boiler Explosion

New Haven coach No. 8643, the second in the train, straddles the hole in the station concourse floor. PRR photo by J. W. Wolf, Frank A. Wrabel collection

Railroad History 216 Explains Wreck of Federal

Railroad History No. 216 includes, among other articles, the full story of the wreck of the Federal, NH/PRR train #173, at Washington, D.C., Union Station on January 15, 1953. The GG1 wound up in the concourse of the station and fell into the baggage room in its basement as the floor collapsed under its weight. Its story has been full of misinformation, such as that the locomotive was cut into a few large parts and removed, or hoisted out of the basement. The 32-page article, “Now What, and Who’s Going to Pay for This?,” is based on the ICC, US Senate, PRR, and FBI investigations.

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